All mobile solutions require devices, networks, and applications. Remarkably, the incumbent operators in the United States (Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-mobile) impose many layers of control over all three dimensions of a mobile ecosystem. They stifle innovation and limit options. Evolve Cellular is a mobile operator, not an MVNO. Accordingly, we are uniquely positioned to eliminate barriers, launch solutions quickly, and keep devices connected at a very affordable cost. Our entire company was built to maximize speed and minimize cost, for everyone.



It can be technically difficult, time consuming, and expensive to launch a new mobile device. At least it was until now. At Evolve we cut millions of dollars and months of time out of the process. With Evolve your device options just got much better.


We believe in WiFi-First. Of course you need the best LTE network at the lowest cost, but only when you are outside of WiFi network connectivity. Why pay for more LTE service than you actually need? It's pretty simple. With Evolve, WiFi is the more reliable primary method of connection and LTE coverage is there when you need it.


Launching applications should be easy, but if you don't want to follow the rules, processes, or schedule of the major U.S. carriers, it can be a huge drag on your business. At Evolve we'll build and maintain the application for you, or you can do it yourself. You're in control.

Evolve Innovation Zone

The Evolve Innovation Zone includes scores of fiber-fed towers and a full mobile network for thirteen counties in rural Texas. We provide service coverage to nearly all of our 11,465 square mile licensed area. Equipment manufacturers, device OEMs, and other partners may use this infrastructure as well as Evolve's MNO experience and abilities in EPC and IMS Cores, Interconnection, RCS, and Cloud to implement their solutions from experiment to market trial.


Device Certification

It can take many months of time and millions of dollars to certify a new device with a traditional mobile operator. At Evolve, we control our own certification process. We ensure GSMA compliance, but we do it in days, not months. It’s fast, easy and affordable.

WiFi First

Use WiFi as the primary network and only use cellular to fill the gaps between private and public WiFi access points. With Evolve, everything is designed for using WiFi first and cellular second. This approach saves money, increases coverage, and keeps you in control.

Turn-key Activation

Activate and deactivate devices quickly with our account management portal. Whether you are managing SIM cards, deploying embedded modules, or providing smartphones, it should be simple to start service for one, two, or many devices.

Remote Device Management

Once a device is activated you'll need tools for managing those devices remotely. Our Account Management portal provides the interface you need to monitor device activity, change device settings, and trouble shoot issues.

Account Management

Keep an eye on the big picture. Manage payments, view reports, and more. View the status of all your devices and monitor their voice, data, and messaging activity. Ensure each device is using WiFi. If not, reconnect the device to WiFi remotely.

Carrier as a Service

Realize all of the benefits of cloud computing with Evolve. You'll get maximum capacity flexibility, automatic software updates, lower cost, zero capital-expenditure requirements, automatic backup and recovery, built in security, and more.

Linux and Android

Underneath all mobile solutions are multiple operating systems, existing on devices, servers, network modules, and more. Evolve is your partner for selecting and modifying those low level systems to optimize your user experience.

Professional Services

You are not alone in designing and implementing your solution. Our team is available to help throughout the processes. Tell us what you need and we'll assemble it, or do most of it yourself. You do what you do best, we'll take care of the rest.

Evolve is for Innovators