We work with clients to create the ideal solution for your business needs. Companies who operate IP networks use Evolve to create compelling mobile offerings that strengthen their existing business. And, enterprises use Evolve to launch solutions faster, at lower cost, and with less risk.


Mobile devices are difficult to develop, deploy, maintain, and support. Whether you are an MVNO selecting from the broad range of existing devices, or you are an enterprise designing your own product, the process of implementing devices can be daunting. And, few things make the process more painful than lengthy carrier requirements.

At Evolve we put you in control. Of course we are here to aid you in the selection and implementation process, but we don't impose a lot of unnecessary rules.

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Evolve offers a full suite of Android mobile applications which are easily customized to supplement your mobile offering and add value to your customer's experience.

The account management app allows you to manage user devices, assign telephone numbers, coordinate payments, etc. With Evolve Messaging you can provide text and multimedia messaging services on any North American telephone number on any Android device. The Evolve Voice app ensures you can take your landline numbers with you and it allows you to put a second number on any Android device.

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Work with Evolve to embed one of our pre-programmed modules into your electronic devices. You always get WiFi-First technology to minimize cost, you also get simultaneous access to three major national networks.

Use one of our modules, work with industry leading equipment manufacturers, or design your own devices. It has never been easier to create your own solution and put that solution a nation-wide LTE mobile networks.

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SIM Cards

Connect your device to any of three major mobile networks with one SIM Card, at one low price. Through our nation wide partnerships and custom software development, you can use whichever network provides the best or most cost effective service at any given moment. Use all three networks if necessary, or use no cellular network if WiFi is always available. With Evolve SIMs, you're in control.

Our core principle is absolute transparency in everything, including basic network connectivity.

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