Connecting devices to traditional mobile networks can be prohibitively expensive. At Evolve Cellular, we unlocked the doors for low cost service. Our WiFi-First approach and patent pending "LTE Primary-WiFi" solution has changed the pricing requirements, forever. Nationwide service from Evolve is a fraction of the price you'll typically pay elsewhere.

  • Monthly Access: The major operators charge $4 and up, sometimes as much as $40 per month per device. With Evolve Cellular you pay a fraction of that.
  • Data, Voice, and Messaging: We've got you covered for data, voice, SMS and MMS service. And, your device can work seemlessly on WiFi and LTE networks.
  • Certification: The hidden cost when launching new devices is certification. At Evolve we can eliminate certification cost completely and get your device on the network in days

Contact Evolve today to explore your specific pricing options. We'll show you how you can access the largest nationwide networks connect your devices to nationwide LTE networks without breaking the bank. It is now economically viable to include LTE network access in ALL connected devices.

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