The Evolve Innovation Zone is located in southeast Texas and is comprised of 13 counties which cover 11,465 square miles (The Innovation Zone covers nearly all the land between Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. It is larger than the state of Massachusetts).

The Evolve Innovation Zone allows partners and clients to test and commercially deploy new and innovative technologies. Evolve and our partners have experimented with cutting edge devices, RAN, EPC, IMS Cores and more. We can assist with all aspects of your project from inception of the idea through the FCC certification processes for devices and network equipment which reduces cost and accelerates time to market. If you need assistance in bringing your mobile based technology to market, give us a call.


Rich Communication Service (RCS) is a communication protocol that will replace SMS and MMS messaging globally. It is richer, provides phonebook polling, opens capability discovery, and can transmit in-call multimedia. Evolve Cellular was the first mobile network operator in North America to certify Rich Communication Services (RCS). In cooperation with GSMA, Evolve was also one of the first mobile network operators to integrate into the North American Inter-carrier RCS hub. This integration allows Evolve to provide inter-carrier RCS with any other certified mobile network operators.

Our clients are now implementing custom RCS solutions and testing those solutions in the Evolve Innovation Zone. Evolve Cellular can help you with RCS enablement, chatbot implementations, inter-carrier messaging, branded identity, and more.


Most private wireless networks today use WiFi. This approach is fast and easy to deploy. There are many sources of equipment available in the costs are low. WiFi, however, comes with many limitations, limitations which Private-LTE is designed to overcome. WiFi, for example, has limited range. One LTE cell can cover the same service area as scores or hundreds of WiFi access points. Also, LTE provides higher quality of service that WiFi. With Private-LTE is easy to prioritize traffic. Mission critical systems can get top priority when networks become congested while lower priority traffic can be relegated to best effort. Also, LTE was designed for mobility from the ground up. You can roam from private to commercial LTE, and back again. Security is much higher on Private-LTE than on WiFi. And, LTE is not limited to the finite public spectrum allocated to WiFi. With CBRS, or other bands, private-LTE can be deployed on dedicated and protected frequencies.

Evolve is currently working with partners to test and deploy long-range private-LTE networks. These networks are connected to Evolve's IMS and receive all of the rights and access privileges due to a Mobile Network Operator (MNO). If WiFi doesn't address all your network needs, consider Private LTE and consider Evolve as your most flexible operator partner to make your private-LTE needs a reality.

5G Massive MIMO

We have deployed Skylark Wireless' 5G massive MIMO/beam forming technology in lower frequency bands.

Skylark has mastered an ability to effectively deploy 5G massive MIMO on lower MHZ frequencies. Their technology dramatically improves bandwidth throughput and distance range when compared to other 5G technology with fewer antennas and current 4G technology. Currently in a market trial in parts of our Innovation Zone, Skylark's CPE and companion small cells connect to Skylark's massive MIMO deployments on our towers. Current deployments range from 32x32 massive MIMO arrays to 96X96, all with beam forming. Further iteration of their technology is expected over the coming months. If you own or control or wish to experiment with any frequency between 50 MHZ and 4 GHZ, please contact us and we will get you in touch with Skylark. We can add you to the on-going market trial.

If you live in Washington, Lee, Burleson, or Fayette counties and are interested in participating in the Skylark market trial, please contact Zochnet who is our WISP partner in that area, If you live in Matagorda, Wharton or Jackson counties and are interested in participating in the Skylark market trial, please directly contact TISD who is our WISPS partner in those areas. If you are interested in partnering with us in any other area part of our coverage area, please give us a call.

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The Evolve Cellular Innovation Zone is open for trial and commercial deployments for broadband or smartphone implementations. If your company is innovating and is looking for the best home for its ideas and solutions, please consider working with Evolve Cellular.

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