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Our Calling

Evolve Cellular is a mobile operator, built for innovators. After years of struggling to work with traditional mobile operators and regulators to launch good ideas, we decided there must be a better way to connect mobile devices to the cellular networks and enable product innovation. It does not need to be this hard.

The greatest ideas in mobility are not coming from the carriers who build and maintain the networks. No, the greatest ideas are coming from the companies who use the networks, the companies who live on the edge of the network and who constantly seek ways to add value. But more than good ideas, great innovations have come from companies who could build the great ideas and then had the muscle to hoist those ideas into mobile industry, in spite of the barriers which inhibited their innovation.

Launching anything different in the mobile industry can be a monumental task. It is an enormous effort which requires millions of dollars and years of effort. The difficulties, in large part, are because the mobile industry is the classic walled garden. The industry is surrounding with layer upon layer of inhibitors. Only a small portion of our collective great ideas are ever launched on the mobile networks, because there are so many obstacles in the way.

Evolve Cellular was created to break down the barriers. Evolve Cellular is a mobile network operator, not an MVNO, or an MVNE, etc. We are a mobile carrier, selling mobile services, globally. The official designation of the company by the U.S. federal government is a CMRS, which stands for Commercial Mobile Radio Services provider. Becoming a mobile operator, and maintaining that status, is difficult in and of itself. Becoming a CMRS includes obtaining mobile spectrum from the FCC and then building-out that spectrum with towers and equipment at a federally defined pace. As a CMRS, Evolve has all of the rights, privileges, and obligations which other mobile operators possess.

For several years we have paid the price in time and resources to enter the walled garden. We have obtained LTE spectrum, deployed cellular towers, implemented an IMS core, etc. As a result, we are now opening the doors to innovation which were previously locked from the inside.

Get Started

Lowell Feldman


25 years of communications operational industry experience. Expertise in the intersection of law and economics. Founder of Waller Creek Communications, which built the first fiber-based middle-mile network in the major metro markets in Texas. JD and BA in Economics and Liberal Arts from the University of Texas.

Rich Lewis


30 years of experience in finance and accounting. CFO for Bluecurrent, a information technology services company based in Austin, Texas.  11 years in commercial and leveraged lending. MBA and BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas. Trustee for several public mutual funds managed by CM Advisors.

Alan Berrey

VP, Business Development

Serial entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of Scratch Wireless, the birth place of WiFi First mobile service. Founder and president of Mobile Collect, a SaaS solution for text messaging and wireless solutions for businesses. VP of Business Development at Logica. BS in Computer Science from Brigham Young University and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon.

Scott Foster

VP Operations

Seasoned IT professional with 25 years in business development, designing, building and operating enterprise and carrier networks. Multiple implementations of backhaul and voice product services. Formerly executive at Austin Networking, and ANA. Past president of Austin Association of Information Technology Professionals.

Brian Davis

VP Engineering

Long-time developer of VOIP technology. Full life cycle in designing, building, and maintaining enterprise architectures in VOIP, web and mobile techologies for consumers and enterprise. Full responsibility for building mobile telephone company infrastructure based on ultra low cost and disruptive open source technologies.